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Smelling great can be hard for a dog on the go!

FurScents makes it easy with our 100% organic, waterless shampoo for dogs.

FurScents Dry Shampoo for Dogs

The easiest way to make a dog smell good.

Everyone knows their own dog is the very best dog in the whole world, right? We get that, and we agree. But no matter how amazing your dog is, they might not always smell so great. (There, we said it. Dogs can be stinky.) If only there was a magical substance that you could sprinkle on your pungent pooch to neutralize odours and make their fur silky-smooth…

Oh, but there is! It’s called FurScents Dry Shampoo. FurScents is the organic dry shampoo that helps your doggo stay clean and fresh between baths. It’s easy to use, it’s upholstery friendly and it smells amazing.

FurScents products are made with all-natural, vegan-friendly ingredients from local and Canadian sources, and fragranced with the highest quality USDA organic essential oils.


So many great benefits beyond smelling great:

• Improves skin and fur health
• Eliminates excess oils 
• Reduces shedding and dandruff

• Strengthens your pet’s immune system
• Helps neutralize and eliminate most unwanted odours
• Repels insects

And essential oils leave your pooch smelling great and furniture-friendly!





Simple Ingredients

No long lists of chemical additives – just wholesome, plant-based, vegan, minimally processed ingredients.


Our products contain no parabens, sulfates or artificial ingredients, and they improve the condition of your pet’s fur and skin.


Just sprinkle FurScents on your pooch, rub it in and you’re done! Much easier than tub wrestling. Keep a stash in the car to use after a swim or rainy-day walk.

Made in Canada

Made in small batches and hand-packed in Langley, BC, from locally sourced Canadian ingredients and USDA-certified organic essential oils.


FurScents products are cruelty-free, non-GMO, organic and mostly vegan.* We use eco-friendly, recyclable packaging wherever possible.

* Our dry shampoos are vegan, but our paw balm includes beeswax.



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