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Why Dry Shampoo?

It’s quick and easy – no muss, no fuss. Use it on your dog between regular baths for a shot of freshness. It’s ideal for dog lovers whose pooch hates the bath or shower, or who have a dog that’s just too large to wash in the bath. Or if you or your dog have mobility issues that make canine bath time difficult, FurScents is a super-simple solution.

It Works!

FurScents doesn’t just mask odours, it neutralizes them thanks to the two main ingredients, cornstarch and rye flour, which also clean and condition your dog’s fur. The fragrance in the essential oils is what makes your dog smell good! An unlike aerosol dry shampoos, which can leave a sticky residue, our corn-starch-based powder gives silky-soft fur! (Sadly, even FurScents can’t remove a skunk smell, but it has been known to work on poop.)


Great for Rainy Days

If your dog smells like, well, a wet dog after a walk in the rain, FurScents is the answer. Towel your pooch until they’re completely dry, then give them a nice sprinkle of dry shampoo and rub it in. It’s a nice cuddle time that will leave your dog smelling great! (Note: if there is a lot of mud involved, we recommend removing the mud before applying FurScents.)

Bugs Begone!

Essential oils are a natural insect repellent, so regular use of our dry shampoo may help keep the mosquitoes from circling your dog in the summer months. It repels fleas and ticks, too, but it isn’t a replacement for commercial flea treatments. We still recommend that you consult your vet about solutions for pests like fleas and ticks.

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