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FurScents has been making raving fans out of dogs and their owners for years. Here is what just a few of them have had to say:


“We loved @furscents dry shampoo. The scents where completely natural and made beau smell amazing! They're easy to transport and easier to use!”



"I'm the type of pup who loves to play hard outside but hates baths inside. One of the products the helps keep me smelling fresh between baths is Furscents dry shampoo."


“This dry shampoo is perfect for freshening your pet between baths! All of the scents smell amazing and are easy to apply. We love that they are made with essential oils, which provide several health benefits too!”



"Fin hates going for a bath. He cries the entire time. He does not like swimming or water. I just tried @furscents dry shampoo for dogs and it was awesome and super easy to use! We used the peppermint scent and he smells amazing!"


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