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Q: Does it work?

Yes! FurScents not only provides a nice natural fragrance, but its ingredients work to neutralize odours.

Q: Does it work for skunk spray?

Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done for skunk spray – FurScents may help, but cannot eliminate this odour entirely.

Q: How much do I need to use?

As much as you need to, depending on the size and fur type/length of the dog – and the strength of the bad odour. What we can say is 1 tsp would be plenty for a small dog and 2 tablespoons’ worth should be enough for the stinkiest of giants. FurScents full-size sifters carry anywhere from 5 to 25 applications.


Q: Can you use it every day? How often should you apply?

Yes, a light sprinkle can be applied each day, but for persistent smelly dogs we encourage regular bathing and/or consulting your vet for the source of odours. Some of our customers apply daily, many twice a week, some once a week, and some only for the occasional visit to the beach or visit to doggy daycare.


Q: What happens if my dog licks it off?

Dogs can consume all the ingredients in our dry shampoo in reasonable quantities. If your dog consumes some FurScents because he or she is licking the area to cleanse or scratch, this should not cause concern. On the other hand, if you notice your pooch seems to lick every last bit of FurScents off every time you apply it, then we would recommend you discontinue use. In all our years in business we have only heard of one case of this happening, as these are not smells/tastes that dogs typically gravitate to as food.


Q: Does it clean?

Our Dry Shampoo aims primarily to help with unwanted odours, but it does have disinfectant properties as well. That being said, if a dog is covered in mud, it may be time for a wet bath!

Q: My dog likes to roll in old seaweed and dead fish. Can FurScents help?

FurScents can certainly help, but we cannot promise to eliminate these strong odours entirely. It’s always worth a try and if not, it’s time for a bath.

Q: What if my dog doesn’t stink?

Not all pups have an undesirable odour – in this case, FurScents may not be for you. However, some of our customers keep our product on hand for occasional use, like after a day at the beach before jumping into the car.


Q: Isn’t peppermint toxic for dogs?

Yes AND no. We’re always encouraged to hear concerns from our customers about the safety of essential oils because there are inherent risks and considerations. There seems to be some misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding the use of peppermint oil for dogs which stems from the truth that ALL essential oils can be toxic to dogs if they are impure and/or not diluted enough.


It is all about quality and dilution. Low-quality undiluted oils or synthetic oils are not safe for dogs, cats or humans. However, high-quality oils that are diluted properly are very safe and beneficial.

We take the safety of our products very seriously and use safety guidelines as given by experts like Dr. Melissa Shelton, Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young in determining which oils we will use and their dilution rates.

We use only high-quality oils that meet our stringent standards. Because our products are USDA organic, we can trace each oil by lot number to the field the original plant was grown in and follow each step of its lifecycle until it hits the FurScents sifter.

Every oil we use in our products is diluted to safe levels – and then some. With regard to peppermint specifically, this oil has GRAS (generally regarded as safe) status with dermal restrictions when the end product contains no more than 0.8% menthofuran and 3% pulegone content. The amount of peppermint oil we use In our products is WELL below these limits and considered very safe.


Q: Can’t cedarwood make a dog itchy?

Cedarwood is generally considered hypoallergenic and has been well documented to provide relief for irritated skin. That being said, there are always exceptions to the rule and there are some rare instances of dogs being allergic to cedar. If you notice any irritations or excessive scratching when using our product, discontinue use until a process of elimination can confirm the cause.

Q: What ingredients do you use?

FurScents Dry Shampoo is made of four simple USDA organic and locally sourced ingredients: organic cornstarch, organic rye flour, organic hemp protein and organic essential oil (either lavender, cedarwood or peppermint).

Our Paw Balm is made using shea butter, coconut and olive oil, vitamin E and beeswax.

Q: Where is it made?

FurScents is made just outside of Vancouver in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

Q: Can I use FurScents on my cat, too?

No. Cats’ immune systems are different from dogs and our products are not geared towards cats. We do not recommend you use FurScents on cats.

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